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“Playing the Whole Game” of Music: Students Compose and Perform to Master Music Theory

What does it mean to be an “educated musician?” What should musicians know about music beyond technique on their instrument? What knowledge and skills prepare students for college or lifelong learning as musicians? University Prep Orchestra Teacher Thane Lewis embeds music composition skills in his performing classes to give students a complete view of the subject of music. […]

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Computer Game as Brain Warm-Up: Language Classes build Vocabulary, Preparation and Engagement through Duolingo

How do teachers get the most effective use of limited class time with students? Teachers face many challenges planning a class period. One is the pressure of completing the day’s activities in a short period. They also recognize that students are coming from other subjects or activities. That creates a need to transition into a class period, preparing them for the […]

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Students Practice French “Extemporaire” with Video Discussions

One of the Language Department’s goals is to increase students’ opportunities to speaking and converse in their target language. To complement their in-class activities, French teacher Holly Woodson has students record themselves speaking improvisationally and post these brief recordings to class-wide discussion threads in Schoology. As opposed to more scripted assignments, in these “vlog (video blog) postings,” students […]

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