What is UPTIE?

The University Prep Technology Integration Exchange is a forum to demonstrate and discuss the teaching and learning at University Prep. Contributions by our students, faculty and staff are meant to offer a window into the University Prep experience, as well as to contribute to a global dialog about teaching and learning. All respectful contributions and participation are welcome. While the site is named for the Technology Integration program, discussion is open to any teaching and learning topics.

UPTIE is maintained by Jeff Tillinghast, Director of Academic Technology at U Prep. All staff, students and faculty are welcome to submit materials for UPTIE. Submissions will be considered and approved based on their relevance to the mission of the site.

All contributions are presented by the authors in the name of academic exploration and discourse, and do not represent University Prep policy or endorsement. Links to external U Prep teacher websites go to sites not maintained nor supervised by University Prep, and U Prep makes no endorsement of their content.

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