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Buzzfood Binge

If I can successfully recreate these Buzzfeed recipes, so can you!

Delicious Buzzfeed recipes constantly end up in my newsfeed. On multiple occasions I’ve had friends and family reshare a Buzzfeed food video and comment about how successful their attempt at making it was. I figured the simplicity of many of their recipes might enable me to successfully cook them as well. After years of waiting, I decided it was finally time to filter through a few of Buzzfeed’s most interesting recipes and give them a go.

French toast roll-ups with Nutella and strawberries.

Mixing bread, Nutella and strawberries sounded easy, so I decided to give Buzzfeed’s famous “French Toast Roll-ups” a try. The recipe consisted of cutting the crust off plain, white bread and using a rolling pin to flatten it down. Then, I added Nutella and cut up strawberries to one side, and folded it up, hence the word “rollup.” From there I dipped them in egg and cooked them as I would regular French toast. The final step was to roll them around on a plate of cinnamon sugar. I’m personally not a huge French toast fan, so I was surprised at how delicious these roll-ups were. Nothing complements each other better than melted Nutella and warm, sugary bread.

Gooey ramen mozzarella sticks, made with chicken flavoring.

I went into my next attempt knowing it would be a challenge. I read lots of complaints about the difficulty people had making Buzzfeed’s “Ramen Mozzarella Sticks,” so I felt compelled to give them a try. Although I had a hard time getting the uncooked noodles to stick to the cheese, to my surprise the recipe was not only easy to follow, but also tasted good. All I did was dip sticks of mozzarella in a bowl of egg and noodles and then fry them in a pan. Despite the noodles and chicken seasoning, they tasted just like regular mozzarella sticks ordered from Dominos. I will most definitely be making these again.

The sad, messy and overcooked Pizza Cones.

Buzzfeed’s “Pizza Cone” recipe is the most talked about video, so I was super excited to finally give them a try. Although they seemed easy, I was doomed from the start. I thought I was being clever by not buying cone shaped paper cups and opting to make my own cone mold out of thin cardboard and tape. I didn’t realize how specific the size of the dough needed to be in order to cook correctly, so I ended up having too small of a cone, and therefore the dough was too thick. To my huge disappointment, this resulted in me overcooking the outside of each of the pizza cones. On top of this, a cone of dough is surprisingly hard to fill with toppings so they ended up messy and droppy.

Half peeled and overflowed cake in an Egg.

As soon as I scrolled across Buzzfeed’s recipe for “Cake in an Egg,” I knew I would have to try it. The idea of baking something inside an egg seemed impossible. After my first attempt ended up completely cracked and all over the counter, I began to lose hope. It wasn’t until my second try that I realized it was actually easy. I gently tapped a safety pin against the top of the egg, making a bunch of tiny holes that eventually came together to create a big enough opening to empty the egg whites. From there I made cake batter like normal and poured it into the egg using a cut zip lock bag. The only problem I faced was overfilling them, which I fixed by scraping off the excess cake from the outside of the egg.

By Leah Bell

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