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The Godliest Gyros

Tasting the magic of Mediterranean at nearby Zaina

As soon as I walked through the door at Zaina, a gyro restaurant only a few minutes away from U Prep, I was hit with a strong smell of spices. That’s probably a good sign for a gyro place. After two separate cashiers asked me what I wanted, I finally decided on the lamb gyro. If you are not familiar with gyros, they are a Mediterranean style wrap with pita bread and many different flavors inside — usually some type of meat, feta cheese, cucumbers and tzatziki (a yogurt sauce). I received my gyro in less than two minutes and walked to a separate eating area.

This section of the restaurant was covered in patterned cloths, and strange-looking sculptures lined the edges. I sat down on a cushioned bench and took my first bite. Well, I tried to take my first bite. The lamb was so juicy, and the gyro was so big that it was hard to approach.Eventually I just went for it and decided that it was worth the mess. I was very excited to take many more messy mouthfuls. The flavors melted in my mouth and each ingredient in the gyro brought out the others.

Though the lamb was the forefront, the tangy tzatziki, the crunchy cucumber, and the fresh warmth of the pita bread made it the best lunch of my week.

For dessert I ordered baklava, a pistachio, honey and filo dough treat that hit the spot.

Similar to the gyro, the baklava was quite messy. When I took a bite the crisp flaky filo dough crunched and crumbled all over my shirt. Again this was totally worth the sweetness of this tasty pastry. I would recommend this for any Puma with a big sweet tooth.

Overall Zaina makes some great gyros that are very flavorful. This is a great new option for U Prep students. It is quick to order and one of the best gyros in town.

Grade: A

By Emily Morrissey

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