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My First Manicure

It was really quite awkward

My manicure was the new part for me, and as I sat in my massage chair with my hand soaking in warm water it felt like everyone in the salon was staring at me with gazes that burned like 1,000 hot suns. Aside from an elderly man, I was the only guy there. I kind of hoped gender stereotypes wouldn’t exist at the salon, but what are you gonna do? Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself, here’s how it all started.

When I arrived at the Spa Envy the nail salon, I was greeted by 50-plus magazines and a lobby that smelled like incense and rubbing alcohol, which isn’t a bad thing. After a 30-minute wait due to a scheduling error, I was moved from the lobby to a giant massage chair.

As if the massage chair wasn’t enough, it was attached to a mini hot-tub for my feet! As I sat there, I enjoyed some relatively current music. And by relatively I mean I heard one song from 2015 and the rest was a steady mix of hits from 2011, 2012, and 2013.

My pedicure started out with the trimming and fixing of my toenails, which basically entailed clipping them and ripping off the dead and overgrown cuticles. Now that sounds extremely painful, but it was actually quite nice. After the clipping, my feet were massaged with an array of different skin products. My toenails were smeared with pink cream and then buffed to shiny perfection.

My manicure was next. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with it, but it had to be done. So I walked over to another massage chair. While one hand was soaking in warm water, the other followed the same procedure of trimming, lotion and buffing that my toes experienced.

Afterwards my nails were  shiny and trimmed, which is a miracle, considering they looked like they were last trimmedmonths ago by an overly caffeinated baby before I came in.

Overall, the experience was enjoyable and the service was top notch. The wide range of services from  nail treatments to facials, make it a must-visit. And its reasonable distance from school make it a local treasure,  thus earning an A grade.

Grade: A

By Micho Matuszewski

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