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Cats, Coffee and Cookies

Wallingford Meowtropolitan raises awareness for sheltered cats

For months I’ve been waiting in anticipation, eagerly scrolling through article after article on the opening of Seattle’s first cat café. I’m a huge animal fan and was thrilled by the idea of being able to drink coffee in a cute café surrounded by kittens.

One rainy Monday afternoon, I finally made my way to the Seattle Meowtropolitan cat café, in search of a warm cup of coffee and some quality cat time. Meowtropolitan is located off the corner of 45th and Wallingford. I had a difficult time finding parking and was forced to park about a five-minute walk away.

Although small, the Cat Café was very recognizable. The entire side of the building consisted of a giant window from which I could see the full set-up of wooden cat climbing structures.

Inside was warm and welcoming. But, upon entry I realized that my idea of cozily sipping on coffee while cuddling with cats was not going to happen.

I discovered to my disappointment that Washington State law doesn’t allow animals to be kept in the same room as food, which at least eliminated the fear of cat hair getting in your latte. The room of cats had been separated from the café by a window.

The first thing they asked me was whether or not I had made an online reservation to see the cats. Meowtropolitan charges $10 for one hour with the

cats and a free drink. It’s a good idea to make a reservation early, because they were booked the entire week.

The entire inside of the café was cat themed and full of cat puns. The drink options ranged from “Meowchas” to “Catpuccinos.” Since it was late, I decided on a non-caffeinated Chai, which came with a tiny foam cat on top.

The bakery part of the café mostly consisted of colorful macaroons in cat-faced shapes with frosting eyes and whiskers.

Sad about not having made reservations, I seated myself at the counter overlooking the cat playground. Being at the cat café reservationless was a little lame. Instead of petting cats and exploring the decorative cat room I got to stare through the window and watch a group of adults play with a bunch of shy and sleepy kittens.

Although I hope that Meowtropolitan chooses to expand the size of their small cafe and invest in a few more seating and food options, overall I had a very positive experience. The idea behind their business is built on good morals.

Meowtropolitan works with a local animal shelter to take cats of all ages off the streets and put them up for adoption.

The goal of the cat room is to give visiting customers the opportunity to get to know and fall in love with a certain cat and adopt it.

If you ever find yourself in Wallingford craving sweet pastries and warm drinks, you should definitely swing by the cat café and maybe come home with a new furry friend.             

By Leah Bell

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