Shark Extinction – Loosing the Race

Sharks are displayed at Lampulo fish market at Indonesia's Aceh province June 5, 2008. REUTERS/Tarmizy Harva

Sharks are displayed at Lampulo fish market at Indonesia’s Aceh province June 5, 2008. REUTERS/Tarmizy Harva

The specific topic that I am interested in delving more into and writing this research paper about is the fact that sharks are just now starting to go extinct. I find it fascinating that evidence shows that sharks have been around far longer than dinosaurs and are only just now beginning to go extinct. Some has to do with the fact that our CO2 emission level has been rising dramatically, causing the level of acidity in our oceans to rise, but there can also be other contributors. I want to delve more into what specific types of sharks have gone extinct, how long they are predicted to have been on our world, and possible causes for their extinction. I felt that a lot of this fell under the choice element of biodiversity. We have had so many species of animals and plants die off recently and therefore contributing to the loss in diversity in our surrounding land. What I hope to accomplish by working on this project is to get a broader understanding of the impact we have on our world, how it is effecting it, if there is anyway to help raise awareness about this issue and to gain more knowledge myself about the changing world around me. 


For my choice option, I want to explore the importance of meditation. I want to delve into the importance of what meditation can do for the body, mentally, physically and emotionally. I understand the meditation is already such a key component in my life already. Meditation allows for the full control over focus of the mind, body and soul. I find it important to emphasize the significance of this form of art that is so quickly overlooked in our modern day culture. I want to write a research paper that talks about the impact in all fields, personal, medical and institutional with meditation. I also want to attend some meditation classes to understand more about meditation for myself. I hope to accomplish a better understanding for myself about what meditation can do for my body and possibly allow for a lowered level of stress by doing meditation regularly.