Successes and Difficulties (12/17/15)

So far this project has been very interesting for me. It has been fun to learn about a topic that I am interested and I am very happy with the topic that I chose. The hardest part about my project thus far has been finding the right sources. It seems that there is a lot out there, but I have found that a lot might not be from credible sources. In the future, I think I need to dig deeper into the different possibilities of gathering information. I might watch videos or read books to get data instead of just looking online. This project has really made me think about how much I want to learn more about our local environment. I have learned a lot about the Duwamish people and their culture so far, but I definitely want to learn more!

What I Learned (12-15-15)

Today I continued my research on the Duwamish Tribe. I read an article (attached below) that talked about the Culture and History of the tribe. I learned a lot from the article, one of the most significant things I learned being that they were a huge hunting society. They hunted many different animals in Seattle, before the European-American settlers arrived. These animals include deer, elk, bear, duck, goose, and they fished for species such as salmon, cod, halibut, and many others. This is just a small amount of the animals that were hunted by the Duwamish people. This is one interesting thing I learned today about the effect that the tribe had on the environment, that I thought was worth sharing.