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In this project, I’ve written a rough draft of my paper and I’ve made my poster. At first, my poster had too many words which did not make it visually appealing. So I went back and edited it. My organization with my paper was kind of rough so I’m in the process of editing it. The challenges that I’ve faced… Read more →

COP21 Agreement for Climate Change

Recently, 21st Conference on Climate Change (COP21) was held in Paris, France. In this conference, nations across the world came together to discuss an agreements about the climate of our world. This past Saturday, December 12, 2015, an official global climate change agreement was formed. Nations signed this agreement that would set “a goal of halting average warming at no… Read more →

Oyster Larvae Diagrams

This is a picture of the harm of ocean acidification on shells in the ocean. On the left are healthy oyster larvae and on the left are unhealthy ocean larvae that have been exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide in ocean water. The unhealthy larvae have weaker shell structures as well as being smaller in size. Source: Read more →