About Me

My name is Joelle. I am currently a junior at a preparatory high school. I started this blog to challenge how society views success. I have a diagnosed learning disability. My days consists of 8 hours of hard work and up to five hours of homework depending on the night. I for one do not receive straight A’s. I strive to do my best in all my classes however according to “social norms” I have been labeled as dumb, slow, and unfit for the school system. However, I disagree completely.  I believe that having a learning disability puts me at an advantage. I have had to learn what hard work is and I have learned resilience. I know how to advocate for my needs and I know my limits. My learning disability is not a “disability”. I simply learn differently. Yes, I may take me twice as long to finish a test or maybe I mispronounce a word here or there. But what I also do? I see the world in totally different eyes. I believe that if everyone learns one linear and “right” way there will be no one to solve complex issues.