Update: Storing hydrogen in chicken feathers?

After having researched a multitude of storage options, I have concluded storing hydrogen in pressurized tanks or metal hydrides are the best solution. Being that high-pressure hydrogen storage is pretty straight forward, I decide to narrow the focus of my research on hydrides and storing hydrogen in a solid form. The benefits of this kind of storage is the pressure of the hydrogen is low. Also metal hydrides offer the highest volumetric energy density of any other form of hydrogen storage. While researching this storage method,  I came across an article that claimed scientist at the University of Delaware in Newark, were able to store hydrogen in carbonized chicken feathers at a higher energy density than other forms of hydrogen storage include metal hydrides. Also it is important to note that chicken feathers are very cheap, 11 billion pounds of poultry industry waste accumulates annually. Using chicken feathers to store hydrogen could be sourced form the waste of poultry factories resulting in a win win. Storing hydrogen as a solid in hydrides or bonds with other molecules is the future of hydrogen storage, and the technology will only get better from here.


Article Cited: Feather Fibers Fluff Up Hydrogen Storage Capacity