A Guide to Healthy Eating and Sustainability

My Story

IMG_7070 Many people think that I have always lived a green, healthy, and fit lifestyle; however, that was not the case a few years back. Food became so important to me because I went through a point in my life where all I ate was garbage, and I felt like garbage.

At age 14 I became really sick. Sick to the point where I was visiting a new doctor every other week. I was constantly put on new prescription medication, yet nothing seemed to help my symptoms — bloated, in pain, moody, and in discomfort. I was so sick that I actually convinced myself I had tapeworm! Or even some terrible stomach disease! Luckily for me, I had neither. What was so frustrating was that I was constantly given a new medication and continued to look and feel terrible.

Let’s rewind a bit. A typical day for me would start off with eating a lot of dairy, 5 tablespoons of sugar, and loads of carbs. Throughout the rest of my day I would eat pasta, bread, and anything I could get my hands on that had sugar in it. By the time I was home from “a long and tedious day,” I would convince myself that I absolutely had to have at least two cans of soda to make me feel better….Little did I know, this was where all the problems began.

I was what the doctors called “skinny-fat.” Skinny-fat is where fat accumulates around major organs and tissues in the body and is quite active. Although I didn’t look fat, my organs and everything inside me was considered fat.

I had always heard the quote “you are what you eat,” however it wasn’t until a doctor told me that I had to change my diet in order to fix everything. Where was my new medication? Where was the next awful symptom? Turns out, my new medication would become what was on the end of my fork and what I ate at every meal. Food was my new medicine.

Within a week of changing my diet, not only did my mood swings vanish, but also every stomach/digestion sickness that had been a part of my life for so long was now gone. I was onto something good here.

Food changed everything for me, and it wasn’t until I went through this experience that I learned the importance of fueling and treating your body with good quality food.

Sadly, it is so common for people to experience the pain and discomfort I had, that they become numb to it. The only difference between them and me is that they have become so numb to the pain and sickness that they don’t know where to begin. And they continually make themselves “feel better” by feeding the negative patterns of eating processed, sugary, and packaged food filled with toxins. This is why kids as young as eight are starting to get gastric bypass surgery. This is why 40% of children in New York City alone are considered obese.

Let’s get rid of curing our guts and the major killers such as Heart Disease, obesity, stroke, and diabetes with medication, and instead look at what is on our plates.