Reflection on Paper and Meditation Classes


During this project there were many successes but also many difficulties. One of the things that I did well was incorporating internet research thoroughly within the paper. I think using different voices helped the paper by incorporating a professional tone along with a sense of personal investment. I think I could have improved by structuring the paper in the beginning; it took a lot of time and effort to fix this problem later on and organize the paper properly. I am planning to go to China one day and hope to see the effects of environmental activism throughout the country.

Along with writing my paper on Air pollution, I took meditation classes in the morning. The Meditation classes where something I looked forward to. When these classes where going on I had many projects and a lot of work going on. In the world where everything seems to change, meditation was the only constant. During meditation I could let my emotions and concerns of the outside world fade away. It felt like I was the only person on earth. This feeling was unlike anything that I have ever experienced, and the lack of outside concerns was extraordinary. With the The challenge of not thinking about anything was very fun to try and do and I hope to try and continue practicing meditation.

Best of Research


These links have most of the information I used in my paper. These sites helped me come up with my stance in the paper and provided necessary details to back this stance up.