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Where Does Your (On-Device) Time Go?

In our fall Technology Device survey, students in Middle and Upper Schools both talked about the challenges of staying “on task” while on devices. How do you know where your time goes when you’re using your device? How much time are you really spending on side activities? If you want to know what you’re really […]

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Students use Faculty-Designed Tool to Monitor Deadlines

University Prep students are busy, hard-working and are learning to balance involvement in academics, extra-curricular involvementĀ and athletics. The U Prep faculty knows that helping students assume increasing responsibility for their work means that students must be able to advocate for their needs as well as to take on ownership of their schedule. Sometimes deadlines need […]

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Students Share their Quiz Study Guides

  Knowing that a test was coming up soon, two students in 6th grade Integrated Science created an online study guide using Quizlet and shared it with their classmates through the Schoology Updates tool. This was all student-generated: no teacher input or prompting. They also invited their classmates to contribute to the Quizlet deck so […]

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