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How Full are Our iPads?

How full are all of the devices on campus? This is a snapshot of all iPads on our network on January 25, 2015. Click here to download and share the full-page .PDF. If you want to learn more about what U Prep offers to help manage storage, see “How Much Storage Does Your iPad Need?“

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Schoology iOS Updates

On April 25, Schoology released the 3.0 version of their iPad app which contains several features that we’ve been looking forward to for students and faculty! Take a look at the feature highlights below, and make sure that you are running the updated version of the app. Improved Stability The first is a big one– […]

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Microsoft Surface Pro 2

(image: Microsoft) The Upper School Device Program requires a laptop and touchscreen device.  While these can be two separate devices, as in a tablet and laptop, there are many new devices which combine both of these features into one device. The Surface Pro 2 by Microsoft is one option for students that satisfies both parts […]

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