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Schoology iOS Updates

On April 25, Schoology released the 3.0 version of their iPad app which contains several features that we’ve been looking forward to for students and faculty! Take a look at the feature highlights below, and make sure that you are running the updated version of the app. Improved Stability The first is a big one– […]

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Microsoft Surface Pro 2


(image: Microsoft) The Upper School Device Program requires a laptop and touchscreen device.  While these can be two separate devices, as in a tablet and laptop, there are many new devices which combine both of these features into one device. The Surface Pro 2 by Microsoft is one option for students that satisfies both parts […]

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2014 Display Options

As we are planning on our classroom work over the summer, we are considering three different models of classroom display (see video below). We’d like to get as much teacher feedback as possible. We have a projector model and flat-panel display model set up in the Sandbox (Commons Lab). Teachers, please drop in at some […]

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Professional Development Reflections

As you thought about both the SAMR model and the PKM model, what applications did you see to a skill, content or other part of your course? Is there a current part of your course or a part that you’d like to revise using one of these models? Do you see any connections between one […]

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Technology Integration Bootcamp #2: Products, Process and the Digital Native Fallacy

Welcome to UPTIE Bootcamp #2. We’re talking about Technology Integration this month. You don’t have to have watched Episode 1 (Starting with the Why), for this– feel free to dive right in. Watch: Teachers talking Teaching (Further Reading): An Essential Question for Developing Student-Centered Classrooms (Tom Bonnell) Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants (Marc Prensky) Grade Level […]

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Technology Integration Bootcamp #1: Starting With The Why

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 10.11.42 AM

Welcome to the U Prep Technology Integration Exchange! Our first monthly topic is a Technology Integration. We’ll discuss some models and approaches to help frame the “what”s and “how”s of technology integration, but we’ll start with the why. Watch: (Video made in Keynote with Recording feature, uploaded to Vimeo) Teachers talking Teaching (Further Reading): Here […]

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