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Student Demonstrations of Learning Using Pen and Ink

University Prep Academic Dean Richard Kassissieh and Director of Academic Technology Jeff Tillinghast presented student work as a paper and presentation at the 9th Workshop on the Impact of Pen and Touch Technology in Education. The paper, entitled “Student Demonstrations of Learning: Making Thinking Visible Using Pen and Touch,” demonstrated ways in which U Prep […]

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Of Mice, Men, and Instagram


Academic Dean Richard Kassissieh (@Kassissieh) wrote this article about Carl Faucher’s 7th Grade English curriculum for edSocialMedia, first posted on February 4. How can middle school students begin to recognize complexity and empathize with characters in literature? In a conventional approach, a teacher might pose thought-provoking questions to students and draw their attention to key passages in the story. However, this approach […]

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How Full are Our iPads?


How full are all of the devices on campus? This is a snapshot of all iPads on our network on January 25, 2015. Click here to download and share the full-page .PDF. If you want to learn more about what U Prep offers to help manage storage, see “How Much Storage Does Your iPad Need?“

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7th Grade Students Demonstrate Paragraph Construction


7th grade students in Carl Faucher’s English class have been studying how to write strong, thesis-driven paragraphs. Using examples from their character analysis of Of Mice and Men or from their own persuasive writing, students put together these instructional videos demonstrating the elements of a well-constructed paragraph. Students combined an iPad app called Explain Everything […]

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Where Does Your (On-Device) Time Go?

RescueTime tracks which programs are active on your computer and categorizes them to show how you've spent your time.

In our fall Technology Device survey, students in Middle and Upper Schools both talked about the challenges of staying “on task” while on devices. How do you know where your time goes when you’re using your device? How much time are you really spending on side activities? If you want to know what you’re really […]

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6 Word Memoirs from Middle School English

from skitch

6th-8th grade English classes wrote 6 Word Memoirs and created images of them on their iPads. Inspired by a classic writing prompt, the English faculty added another layer to the prompt by having students find images which supported their 6-word-long autobiographies. Using the Skitch app, students wrote their memoirs onto the images to create their […]

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Analyzing Exercises in P.E. with Ubersense

In both Middle School and Upper School, the P.E. Department has been experimenting with  an app called Ubersense to allow students to monitor and evaluate their exercises and technique. With Ubersense, students create videos demonstrating their exercises. P.E. Teacher Kyle Lawhead explains: The goal is to have students analyze their technique early in the semester (this […]

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Math Demonstrations with Explain Everything

One way in which students use tablet computing at U Prep is to record their own “explainer videos” in which they demonstrate their process or knowledge on a given topic. This is inline with one of our school-wide Professional Development goals to make thinking and learning visible in order to work on critical thinking and […]

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