Calculus Class Builds Textbook from Student Demonstration Videos

In the University Prep Math Department, students record video demonstrations of their problem solving in order to show their learning and create resources for their peers. Starting in 6th grade and reaching up into the highest-level electives, these videos of assorted concepts or theorems challenge students to work math problems while narrating their process, revealing their mathematical thinking. In Calculus, math teacher and 9th Grade Dean Ian McInerney collects those videos into a YouTube playlist of “Student Created Calculus Videos.” This playlist lives at the top of his class webpage for students to use as an ongoing resource. “It is a great way of assessing student understanding because they narrate their thoughts,” says McInerney. “It also serves the students in study since they have so many example videos.”

In the Upper School, students use Mac, iOS and Windows devices to record their work, meaning that they have access to a wide range of software tools and strategies. The videos demonstrate whiteboard apps like Explain Everything, screencasting software such as Screencast-o-Matic or Jing, presentation software like PowerPoint, and even video recordings of students working on paper or class whiteboards. By the time students reach Calculus, they have likely used a wide range of tools in previous classes, so McInerney “[lets] them choose a method of their own, and spent a lot of class time playing tech support to them.”

While McInerney started this playlist last year, the list will continue to grow as students contribute additional examples and resources, growing a collection of videos which allow students to show their learning while helping their peers.

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