Building Our Values and Mission: Minecraft Design Challenge

TWhat does it mean to live out a vision or mission statement? How do you translate an ideal into something concrete? 7th grade students in Digital Media were tasked with building a virtual world which embodied six core ideas of University Prep’s Mission and Vision:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Social Responsibility
  • Intellectual Courage
  • Citizen of the World

Using a computer game called Minecraft, students built a world which they felt demonstrated and reflected those ideals.

To begin with, the students had to unpack each of these ideals and try to define both what they meant and what kinds of behaviors and activities supported them. From there, they brainstormed what kinds of things could be built into Minecraft that would communicate, further or demonstrate those values both for themselves as well as other players who might join their world.

After the mindmap, they did two rounds of prototyping: first drawing a map of their own proposed world, then having to assemble all of them as a class into a physical prototype in our Maker Space. Students then presented their prototype to get initial feedback. After that, they went to work building their world. Finally, they presented their work for some of our staff and faculty for feedback on the finished product. Their presentation is below (~8:00, direct link to slides). If you watch the video, please take a moment and leave feedback for the students on their feedback form!

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