7th Grade Students Demonstrate Paragraph Construction

7th grade students in Carl Faucher’s English class have been studying how to write strong, thesis-driven paragraphs. Using examples from their character analysis of Of Mice and Men or from their own persuasive writing, students put together these instructional videos demonstrating the elements of a well-constructed paragraph. Students combined an iPad app called Explain Everything with a variety of other apps (of their choosing), including iMovie, Notability and Keynote.

Faucher explains the assignment: “I thought that instead of checking their understanding of paragraph writing through doing the task, I’d have them explain the task in the style of an instructional video.  We watched a few together on YouTube, i.e. Satirical clip of father showing children how to replace an empty toilet paper role (Next time around, I’ll make sure to set a time limit).  I like the outcome for a few reasons:  It really does illuminate the extent to which kids understand the paragraph writing process.  It gives them a chance to share their knowledge without me in the way.  Lastly, it gives them a chance to produce something they normally consume. . .”

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