Analyzing Exercises in P.E. with Ubersense

In both Middle School and Upper School, the P.E. Department has been experimenting with  an app called Ubersense to allow students to monitor and evaluate their exercises and technique. With Ubersense, students create videos demonstrating their exercises. P.E. Teacher Kyle Lawhead explains:

The goal is to have students analyze their technique early in the semester (this video is early) and later they will be comparing another video taken near the end. They need to discuss what they are seeing from head to toe as they perform the lift, discuss the strengths, and point out the areas for improvement. When I had my iPad before the Upper School device program I would video students and we would sit down and analyze the video. The level of analysis now is much deeper and they always have the video as a tool to look at as they work on improving their technique. I can get the video footage for a class of 16 done in less than 30 min so most of the analysis can be done outside of class allowing the students more time to workout.

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