Student Calculates Volume using Minecraft

Meg Shortell’s 6th Grade Math classes have been ending the year studying Geometry. She writes: “In class, we worked on transforming pictures of monuments into 2-D representations and 3-D models on paper. Then, they had to calculate the area, surface area and volume of their models. For an E-levelĀ (ed. note: “Exceeds standards” on our Middle School rubric) project, the students could build a physical model of their monument and calculate the volume of the model. This student created his in Minecraft and then made a video tour.”

Justin Jradi describes his project below:

For the E-Work, I built a electronic model of the Azadi Tower (in Tehran, Iran) in Minecraft. I tried to make the most accurate representation of the monument. After creating it, I measured the amount of each block (my unit in this project) using in-game commands. Minecraft is convenient for measuring volume because everything is made of blocks. I got the quantity of each type of block, and also calculated the half-slabs (which are exactly one half of a block in Minecraft). For the final step, I recorded all of this data and added it all together to get the total volume of the model, 3,549.5 blocks.

Here are the Justin’sĀ notes (completed electronically via Notability on the iPad):



Watch the video tour online!



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