Social Justice Class Projects

Laura Zaugg recently shared class projects from her Upper School Social Justice elective. She writes: “In our Social Justice elective, students picked topics where they would like to make a difference and created action steps to see progress.  Below are the students’ topics with links to their blogs.”

  • Claire Mao is working to eliminate child brides.  She made a video that includes some impressive graphics. Here is her blog.
  • Sahil Piyarali  wants all independent schools to increase their diversity and accept students with disabilities.  He made a great video (on his blog) that Kathy O’Neal is sharing with local Admissions Directors.
  • Rebecca Hasle is working for Special Education funding in public schools and fighting budget cuts.  Here is her blog.
  • Yaninna Sharpley wants to end racism in schools.  She is working with Pedro to provide local schools a curriculum/conversation template for having courageous conversations about race and ethnicity in schools.  Her blog post on microagressions is a don’t miss.
  • Alissa Soo wants to continue being an advocate for social justice.  She learned a lot about Title IX and the positive and negative impacts on females in sports both as players and in leadership positions.  She interviewed a UW assistant soccer coach and a leader in the Ultimate community.  Read more about it here.
  • Hyunrae Kim wants to end homelessness and found some fascinating programs in Utah and San Francisco.  You can read more about them here.
  • Mika Inadomi is working to combat womens’ depiction in the media and is going to work with local Lean In circles and try to connect local middle school girls with successful women in the community in a mentoring program.  She has had some great interviews and is putting herself out in the community to educate women of all ages. Here is her blog.
  • Max Daley-Watson is concerned about the U.S. Drug Policy and its impact on communities and our prison system. He interviewed the Chief of Staff for the King County Prosecutors Office and is working on a petition to send to our City Council and State Legislators.  He will put a link to the petition on his blog.
  • Kally Patz served on our journalism staff for years and most recently as co-editor.  She is passionate about student free speech and has found some interesting cases and is working to create a free speech blog for Washington students to share their censored works.  The statewide blog is going to be created with the help of other editors around the state soon, but in the meantime, you can follow on her blog.
  • Haley Steinberg is frustrated by the depiction of women in the media and the lack of women in STEM fields.  She learned about the wage pay gap, experiences for women in the workplace, and issues for working mothers.  Her blog can be found here.
  • Olivia Owens-Treiger wants to empower consumers and give them the ability to know the story behind what is in their food.  She wants to mandate all GMO ingredients be labeled (similar to I-522).  Here is her blog.
  • Talia Randle is working for womens’ rights, specifically the right to choose.  She is trying to help efforts around the country (Washington’s right to choose was established by an initiative in 1991 and cannot be changed by a potential Supreme Court decision).  Here is her blog.

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