2014 Individual Teacher Improvement Plan (ITIP) Portfolios

We are completing our 5th year of ITIP. Thus, this is the third group of faculty completing their first three-year cycle. You might recall that the third year is a “portfolio year,” in which faculty are asked to present the scope of their work and demonstrate their professional improvement and progress in a “portfolio” form. The portfolio can take many shapes –electronic, hard copy (one art faculty member created a book), statistically analytical, wildly creative- and all very individual. You can find out more about ITIP (including a link to the article in NAIS’ Independent School magazine) on the school web site. I thought you might like to see some of the topics completed this year:

  • Remixing English: Carl Faucher (English)
  • Transparency and Formative Assessment: Mikayla Patella-Buckley (Chemistry)
  • Differentiating Instruction in a Heterogeneous Classroom: Karen Slon (Chemistry)
  • Student Engagement: Ragini Narasimhan (Mathematics and Physics)
  • Technology in the Classroom: John Jewitt (Mathematics)
  • Student Engagement: Jerry Gallaher (Mathematics)
  • The 21st Century Art Classroom: Ty Talbot (Fine Arts)
  • Balancing Structure with Studio Culture in the Middle School Classroom: Dana Bettinger (Fine Arts)
  • Middle School Classroom Management: Elena Tello (Spanish)
  • Incorporating Standards-based Instruction into Chinese Language Design: Juei-Chuan Hung (Chinese)
  • Lesson design- A Circuitous Journey, or You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks: Paul Fleming  (Drama)
  • Formative Assessment Strategies for Enhanced Learning: Patti Blegen (MS Science)
  • Moving Away from the Teacher-Centered Classroom: Catherine Civjan (English)








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