12th Grade Quantitative Physics Student Projects

In Ragini Narasimhan’s 12th Grade Quantitative Physics class, students have been researching and presenting their own applied physics projects and blogging about their work. Ms. Narasimhan calls it

“A home-brewed cure for senioritis:

  • A topic of their choice,
  • Wrapped around with lots of Physics,
  • Some saws, screwdrivers thrown in for builders (eg trebuchets, guitars, maglevs, generators)
  • Some explosions (rockets, coil guns, 3D printer-built airplanes)
  • And the most important ingredient: lots of encouraging comments and questions on their blogs.

Please take a look at some our seniors’ work, and comment or ask questions on the blogs for the students!

NAME  (Period 7) URL Topic
Anja http://uprepanja.wordpress.com/ Building Electric Generators
Jacob http://uprepbeck.wordpress.com Build a coil gun
Bayard http://uprepbayard.wordpress.com Building Electric Generators
Evan http://uprepevan.wordpress.com Nuclear Physics
Grey http://uprepgrey.wordpress.com Doppler’s Effect
Ira http://uprepira.wordpress.com Doppler’s Effect
Jennifer http://uprepjenn.wordpress.com/ Build a Trebuchet
Maxwell http://uprepmax.wordpress.com Build a Coil gun
Caroline http://cmarks2014.wordpress.com Particle Physics
Grant http://uprepgrant.wordpress.com Build an airplane using 3D printer
Peter http://upreppeter.wordpress.com Quantum Physics
Julianna http://uprepjulianna.wordpress.com Physics of Ultimate Frisbee
Jake http://uprepjake.wordpress.com Geometric Optics: How do camera lenses work?
NAME  (Period 8) URL Topic
Nate http://uprepnate.wordpress.com Build a rocket
Alyssa http://uprepalyssa.wordpress.com Quantum  mechanics
Diana http://uprepdiana.wordpress.com Fluid dynamics of blood flow
Paul http://upreppaul.wordpress.com Build a guitar
Lawrence http://upreplawrence.wordpress.com Fluid dynamics of blood flow
Lana http://upreplana.wordpress.com Build a Maglev train model
Hans http://uprephans.wordpress.com Electric circuits
Alex http://uprepalex.wordpress.com Physics of rowing
Tristan http://upreptristan.wordpress.com Build software to simulate Electric fields
Gabriel http://uprepgabe.wordpress.com Build a rocket
Aaron http://aarongtrips.wordpress.com Fluid dynamics of blood flow
Jacob http://uprepjacob.wordpress.com Build an airplane using 3D printer

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