Build Your U Prep Calendar – Laptop (Mac/Windows) Version

One of the central ideas (along with creativity and collaboration) of U Prep’s Device Program is that students and faculty should be able to use their devices (iPads or Laptops) to help stay organized and productive. Building a solid calendar on your device is a key part of staying organized and on top of deadlines and due dates. For laptop users (either Mac or Windows), here is how to build out your calendar using U Prep’s tools.

Calendar Software

U Prep faculty and students have several choices for calendaring software. Both Mac and Windows 8 have built-in calendar tools, and all U Prep faculty and students have access to download and install Microsoft Office at no cost (on up to 5 computers, including personal computers), which includes Outlook. First, let’s look at how to add calendars using these programs, then we’ll get the important calendar sources.


Mac’s built-in Calendar app will handle most calendar links automatically and add them to your computer’s calendar. The U Prep Website calendar, for example, will load automatically by clicking on the link. When you add Schoology, though, you’ll have to be able to paste in a link. Open the Calendar app, and choose File->New Calendar Subscription.

Windows 8

Windows 8 has built-in Calendar tile on the Start screen. Unfortunately, it does not take the type of calendar subscriptions that we need out of the box. We’ll have to do two steps:

  1. Log in to using your account. Click on “Calendar,” then right-click (or touch-and-hold) on “Other Calendars.” Paste the link to your desired calendars under Internet Calendars (we’ll get those links in the next section). In essence, we are using the web version of Office 365 to gather our calendar feeds together into a package that the Windows 8 app can use.

    Right-click (or touch-and-hold) on "Other Calendars" to bring up "Open Calendar"
    Right-click (or touch-and-hold) on “Other Calendars” to bring up “Open Calendar”
  2. In the Windows 8 Calendar app, navigate to Settings->Accounts->Add Account and add an Exchange account (not an “”) account. This will bring your University Prep Office 365 calendar that you configured in step 1 into the Windows 8 Calendar App.
Using Outlook on a Mac or PC

If you have Office downloaded and installed on your computer (Mac or PC), you can add the calendars into that software as well. Outlook has some more advanced calendar features than using either of the built-in Windows 8 or Mac Calendar apps. Faculty will especially want to consider this given how often U Prep uses the Outlook meeting and scheduling tools.

Open the Calendar pane in Outlook and right-click on “Other Calendars” in the left-hand toolbar. Add a Calendar from the Internet, and paste the calendar links (see next section) into the dialog box.

U Prep School Calendar

On the University Prep Calendar page, you can build a calendar using a few different categories, but you’ll most likely want to start with the Color Days calendar. This calendar will tell you which schedule to follow on any given day (and if there is no school that day). Other options that you can add in include the full University Prep events calendar, a calendar which only displays school breaks and holidays (useful for families who need school holidays but not each day’s schedule), and an Alumni event calendar.

At the University Prep Calendar website, choose to “Filter By Type” to add in any types of event that you want to see in your calendar, and then click “apply.” Once you see the calendar with the events that you want, scroll down to the bottom to find the “Subscribe to Calendar” link.

The "Subscribe to Calendar" Link
The “Subscribe to Calendar” Link


Clicking this link will automatically download the feed for this calendar. If you are using Outlook on your computer, or you are using the built-in Mac app, it will ask if you want to add this calendar feed to the appropriate app. Approve that message and your feed has now been added. If you are on Windows 8 and need to go through, or are using a different calendar app entirely, you will have to copy the link and paste it into the appropriate location. Right-click on the link (or touch-and-hold) to copy the link address.

To go straight to the Color Day calendar feed, click here.

Schoology Calendar

The next source of information that you can add to your calendar is your Schoology feed. This will add any dated assignments, events or due dates that have been created in your courses or groups. In other words, anything that shows up on your Schoology calendar will also now appear in your calendar. This way you can see your upcoming assignments and projects without having to go into Schoology itself.

To add your Schoology calendar, open up a browser and log in to Schoology’s website through http://inside.universityprep.orgNote: You cannot link your calendars through the Schoology iOS app at this point. Open your Account Settings. You will see a section called Share your Schoology Calendar, and a webcal:// link. Right-click or touch-and-hold in the link: box to Select All, and then Copy this link.

Account Settings on the Schoology Website (not app)
Account Settings on the Schoology Website (not app)

Paste the link into whichever program (or website) you are using. You will now have your Schoology calendar and a U Prep schedule calendar loaded onto your device. Depending on how you have it configured, this will give you automatic reminders of upcoming events.

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