Schoology iOS Updates

On April 25, Schoology released the 3.0 version of their iPad app which contains several features that we’ve been looking forward to for students and faculty! Take a look at the feature highlights below, and make sure that you are running the updated version of the app.

Improved Stability

The first is a big one– improved stability (fewer crashes). While the app has definitely been improved from this perspective, no app (or device) is crash-proof. Remember: if your app is behaving incorrectly, force it to close, and if that doesn’t work, do a hard reset of your device (save whatever’s open in your other apps first).

Sorting, Searching and Filtering Assignments

All year, we’ve been talking about ways to best organize assignments so that they’re easy to find when coming from another app like Notability. Schoology has added searching, sorting and filtering to the assignment window to make it easier to find the assignment you want when it’s time to upload a file.

(Image: Schoology Blog)


Up until now, you’re had to scan the list of all assignments in a course to find the particular assignment you want to upload into. Now, you can:

  • Search by the title of the assignment,
  • Sort by the due date, or
  • Filter by categories (if your course gradebook is set up to use categories).

All of this should make it much easier and faster to find the correct assignment to upload submissions into from Notability (or Google Drive or any other app that you are using).

Creating Assignments from iOS

For the faculty, we have been recommending that all assignments be created through the web page rather than the iOS app. Now the iOS app has a more robust screen for creating assignments, discussions or events. Note: It appears at this point that you cannot assign these elements to individual students or groups through the iOS interface. If you use Grading Groups as a way to assign elements to different periods/classes, it appears that you should still accomplish this through the web interface. We’ll continue to investigate on this point.

To Update your Schoology App

You will have to manually update your Schoology app to make sure that you are running v3.0. Open your App Store on the iPad, and click on the “Updates” button on the bottom. Install the Schoology update (it will ask you for your iTunes/Apple ID password).

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