Technology Integration Bootcamp #2: Products, Process and the Digital Native Fallacy

Welcome to UPTIE Bootcamp #2. We’re talking about Technology Integration this month. You don’t have to have watched Episode 1 (Starting with the Why), for this– feel free to dive right in.


Teachers talking Teaching (Further Reading):

Join In:

  • Have you tried handing over something that used to be “your job” to the students? Did it go well? Did it not?
  • Is there something in your classroom that you think could be an opportunity for students to take over?
  • Are there digital skills that your students seem to struggle with that you would like help with?

Post your comments or thoughts below! Anything from a couple of sentences up is welcome.

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  1. I took this idea from “Teaching Stories” by Judy Logan: I try to structure each project so that students either have freedom in the process, or in the product (but always only one at a time). This way, they get practice at both devising a process to best meet specified goals as well as following a process to create a unique product.

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